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Very Rare Blue Diamond Ring

One of the most elusive color diamonds in the world is the blue diamond. Exceedingly rare and even more expensive than brilliant white diamonds, the blue diamond is something you need to have deep pockets for. Prices are astronomical for a blue diamond, and even the super rich themselves are often on a waiting list to procure one of these fabulous gems. Getting your hands on a blue diamond can be harder than getting the Queen to a death metal concert. In other words, be prepared to be on the waiting list for a very long time.

So how does the natural blue diamond get it’s color? No, aliens didn’t create it, in fact you’d probably be surprised to hear it’s as simple as a chemical reaction with Boron. The diamond crystals react with boron during development that infuse the gem with it’s unique blue color. Cool right? The reaction only happens once in a blue moon (pun intended.) Blue diamonds can be many shades from blue-gray to almost green. No one shade is identical to the other. The coloration of these diamonds are what makes them so unique to the market. Each year there are roughly 0.1 percent blue diamonds mined. The only known natural blue diamonds come from the De Beers mine in South Africa. Just one place on the entire planet. No wonder they’re so expensive and rare!

One of the most famous blue diamonds in the world is the Hope Diamond, which is currently located at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. The total carat weight for this diamond is 45.52 carats. There are also many other famous blue diamonds including the Wittelsbach, Idol’s Eye, Koh-I-Noor, Orlov, Cullinan I or Star of Africa as it’s better known, Petra Blue, Heart of Eternity, Millennium Star, Excelsior, Tereschenko, Sultan of Morocco, Blue Heart, Blue Empress, and the Blue Magic diamond. All these blue diamonds show incredible cuts, clarity and color and have values in the millions of dollars. If you owned one of these, you were probably royalty, wealthy beyond imagination or a thief!

When looking for a blue diamond ring it’s important to understand that they are graded exactly the same as a regular diamond, with the 4 C’s in mind. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. A good jeweler will help you discern which is the best blue diamond ring for you and your budget.

Talking about budget, there is an alternative to natural blue diamonds, for those of us who are not super rich. Treated blue diamonds are readily available and they are a fraction of the the cost of natural once. These diamonds have bee irradiated to give the diamond the blue color, but are otherwise identical to its natural counterparts.
For most people, these would be the best choice for a blue diamond ring.

A blue diamond ring is certainly a statement piece that can last for many, many years if looked after properly. Although expensive, they are really the cream of the crop when it comes to diamonds, they come with bragging rights like no other. Most often blue diamonds are featured as the centerpiece of a solitaire ring to showcase the stunning color and cut. Blue diamond rings are a very wise investment, just be prepared to fork over some serious money (bring the armored truck!!) Beautiful looking and classy, blue diamond rings are hard to resist. Use a reputable jeweler and you could be the new owner of a blue diamond ring for years to come.