Reading to Children Creates Good Readers and High Achievers

Even before a child learns to read, he may be gathering the skills required to become a successful reader. That’s because reading skills are not just learned as a child first picks out words on a page. Reading skills are also learned by understanding stories, seeing how words work together and by experiencing how the […]

Encouraging Children to Read More Books

Children have such active and vivid imaginations. We are often astounded and greatly amused by many of the new ideas and games that they come up with. Reading to or with your child and encouraging them to read more books often is something that will encourage their minds to grow and will challenge them to […]

Ways to Nurture a Lifetime Reading Habit

Children love to read when they come from a home where their parents also read. However, as time goes by, school-mandated book lists take over and turn the task of reading into a chore. As a result, many adults have simply been turned off to the joys of reading. Here is a list of several […]