What we are and what we seek to achieve through our investments.

The BDB Group is an asset management company which, together with it’s partners creates both financial and resource leverage investments in strategically aligned opportunities. Including VC, private equity, talent deployment, asset leverage and strategic joint ventures.
The BDB Group represents a successful track record in private market investments with dozens of investment partner relations and co investment opportunities. Our goal is to bring world class talent and resources to our partnerships

Investment Strategy

We look for partnership opportunities in markets where we can strategically leverage and implement our diversified asset growth resources.

Investment Advantage

Our resources in sales and marketing have historically outperformed all public market equivalents, partnering with us will bring exponential growth.

We create high level strategic investments and partnerships.

The BDB Group encompasses a broad array of resources and talent. As strategic growth partners, we’re able to implement our assets alongside your business and get you to your goals faster.


We represent access to a global network of diverse talent and resources that deliver top line performance.


Our incentives align with specific KPI’s and driving our partners unprecedented amounts of rapid scaled growth.


The BDB Group creates long term asset partnerships driven by performance and strategically aligned investments.


The BDB Group is invested and holds resources across multiple industries, however our focus and specialty is in the following sectors.

Senior Caring & Hospitality

Senior health, in home care and retirement village investments.

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Home Construction

Home construction and home builder investor resources.

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Child Care

Child care and day care center investments and subsidies.

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Partnership Contribution

We do more than just invest capital. We apply many years of experience and our diverse array of resources to rapidly accelerate growth.

Finance & Investment

Venture Capital invested standalone or in associated resource conjunction.


We implement marketing that is KPI and results driven without the vagueness.

Sales & Acquisition

We bring strong sales assets to the table, experienced in generating growth.

Leadership & Communications

Our leadership resources deliver order, structure and framework.

Systems & Logistics

Systematization and structure is key, our logistical experience solves that.

Advisory Network

We represent an extremely experienced advisory network, available on call.


Do you have an established business and think we’re a good fit? We’re looking for strategic investments in broad markets. Tell us who you are and we’ll be in touch after we do some research.